Amarawati Marg, Koteswor, Nepal.
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  • Organizational Structure

    Human Resources

    ASMITA is managed by a Board consisting of seven members. All of the members are professionals having expertise in various fields. The Board provides directorship and policy guidelines to the institution and also contributes professionally in areas of their interest and expertise.

    ASMITA staff includes professionals experienced in media (print and electronic), research, training, administration and management. Moreover, ASMITA employs professionals from outside the organization on short and medium term basis, when needed.


    Founder Member:
    Susan Maskey
    Anju Chhetri
    Dr. Mahesh Maskey
    Manju Thapa
    Saroj Pant
    Ashmina Ranjit
    Shanta Bhandari
    Ganesh Bhandari
    Alina Shakya
    Rama Thapa

    Executive Committee:
    Indu Tuladhar     -President (Development Lawyer/ Gender expert)
    Ashmina Ranjit     - Vice President (Feminist Artist)
    Alina Shakya       – General Secretary (Library/ ICT Technician)
    Apsara Gautam     – Treasurer (Social activist)
    Manju Thapa      – Member (Gender & Media Expert/ Journalist/ Researcher)
    Shanta Bhandari    - Member (Researcher/Media activist)
    Renu Adhikari     - Member (Social Activist/ Language Teacher)

    Advisor Group:
    Dr. Meena Acharya   - Economist /Gender expert
    Susan Maskey     - Feminist Writer/Singer
    Dr. Aruna Uprety     – Public Health and Maternal Child Health Specialist
    Laxmi Paudel      – Development & Education Expert (PhD Fellow)
    Anju Chhetri       – Feminist Researcher/ Writer / Documentary Film Producer
    Bidhan Acharya     - Demographic Expert
    Dr. Sudha Tripathi    – Writer

    General Member:
    Anju Chhetri
    Indu Tuladhar
    Manju Thapa
    Ashmina Ranjit
    Laxmi Paudel
    Shanta Bhandari
    Alina Shakya
    Apsara Gautam
    Salina Shakya
    Renu Adikari
    Pushpa Budhathoki