ASMITA 2008 and beyond



After the triumph of the People’s Movement II (April 2006), Nepal has entered a new phase in its history. The issues of restructuring the state and inclusive democracy have never been raised to such an extent before. Janajatis (ethnic groups), Dalits (oppressed castes), Madhesis (dwellers of the southern plain), Karnalibasis (inhabitants of western and far-western regions), women, and other minorities, all have become extremely assertive in their demands. However, it is not unusual because a small group has dominated them for centuries. The present context has provided a unique opportunity for women, as for other oppressed groups, to realize their long-lasting demand of social justice and equality.


ASMITA has already been active in advocating women’s issues/concerns in the changed context through various means of communication. Established by a nucleus of women activists in 1988, ASMITA Women’s Publishing House, Media and Resource Organization is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization. It is committed to find new ways and directions for women’s empowerment and progress. Initially, the organization started its activism by the publication of the feminist magazine Asmita. After 1991, the organization broadened and diversified its activities. After 20 years of struggle, the organization has now been converted into a substantial pressure group.


    • ASMITA's founder Chairperson Ms. Anju Chhetri is one of the nine Nepali women activists who had been nominated in the 1000 Women for the Noble Peace Prize 2005 declared on June 29, 2005.
    • In 1997, ASMITA received Rastriya Samaj Sewa Puraskar (National Social Service Award) for its contributions to women's movement in the country.
    • In 1993, WIP's Committee of London honored ASMITA by the Pandora Award

Target Group

ASMITA considers Nepali women are its major target. However, the activities of the organization specifically incorporate and influence scholars, researchers, activists, journalists, human right activists, and leaders at the grassroots who are working for women's cause. The organization's activism aims to exert pressure on policy makers to bring changes in policy regarding women's issues. On the other hand, its activism inspires common women to execute affirmative actions for their rights. Its diversified programs, services and activities certainly influence the wide population of the country.

Documentary Available

"Conflict and Rape: Reminiscences" - (27 minutes, English) A documentary tracing how rape was used as weapon of war by both the Maoists and government forces to subjugate women and instill fear in the population. “War Widows: Waiting for Justice” – (25 minutes, Nepali) Stories of loss and reveal how the conflict struck women of every caste and ethnicity. [See More]

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